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Double-decker RV

Convert double-decker busses into RVs.
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In my city they have a fleet of double decker buses for tourists -- some of them have just a deck and rows of seats on the upper level, and others have a smaller upper deck, and a section of enclosed 2nd story seating. I think it would be brilliant to convert one of these buses into an RV with a rooftop dining terrace (and perhaps a 2nd story bedroom). You could even surround the rails with wind- and sun-resistant potted plants for added atmosphere. These buses have twice the charm of your typical RV, easy!
jennyusp, Nov 22 2004

(?) For sale http://www.exploroz...rHomes.aspx?id=4602
[BunsenHoneydew, Jan 27 2007]


       Love it. I'll remember this when I retire.
Worldgineer, Nov 22 2004

       Maybe 3/4 baked rather than half- baked. I've seen similar vehicles (eg school busses with wooden roof decks added) in the heavy camping area at folk festivals
Magpie, Dec 04 2004

       "How do you plan to get under those low bridges across the highways?"   

       How making the second story like one of those folding tent trailers so the roof is still relatively low when driving.
BPhilpotts, Feb 09 2005

       //These buses have twice the charm of your typical RV//
Basic math(s) - Twice zero is zero.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 09 2005

       Great ... bigger RV's , hey just think of the increased pollution, road smashes where the normal car is oblierated at 50kph by the moving obscenity, kids killed at 20kph because the front of the RV is designed to push down and don't forget the utter destruction of the natural environment by retards going...'offroad' and creating a huge mud hole where natural habitat once stood. I guess apart from that bigger RV's are good.
ljanz, Feb 09 2005

       I've had this idea for ages! based on a '50's rear-engined Leyland
Ned_Ludd, Dec 22 2006

       I've seen this baked. One with an open top deck, and at least one enclosed. And there's a stationary enclosed DDB camper in the grounds of the Art's Factory backpacker's in Byron Bay
BunsenHoneydew, Jan 27 2007


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