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Camouflaged Speed Bumps

Hide speed bumps in deceptive-looking "optical illusion" pavement drawings
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Cover the streets in "3D illusion" pavement drawings of the type shown in the link below.

Then, use those drawings to cleverly hide speed bumps in random locations.

That way the driver never knows when to expect them, and he'll always drive slowly, not just when there is a speed bump.

kinemojo, Dec 21 2006

(?) pavement art http://users.skynet....Beever/batman.html
[kinemojo, Dec 21 2006]

Youtube video http://youtube.com/watch?v=Z8UHjlBtEwA
This is why some speed bumps aren't good [acurafan07, Dec 21 2006]

(?) Town with Fake Speedbumps foxnews.com/story/0,2933,373123,00.html
The opposite of your idea - optical illusions that pretend to be speed bumps. Quite effective, according to the article. [Computer Guru, Feb 21 2009]

I say "Ha!" to this idea! Radar_20Controlled_...20Response_20System
Radar Controlled Variable Speed Bump Detector and Variable Suspension Setting Response System [normzone, Feb 23 2009]


       More speed bumps = fishy.
angel, Dec 21 2006

       See link. A video on youtube shows a Lamborghini wrecking its front end on an unknown speedbump... I'd really hate to be the driver.
acurafan07, Dec 21 2006

       If you want everyone to drive more slowly, then make the zone "reverse gear only". That should make it *much* safer. They might have a few more knocks, but just think how slowly they will be going.
Ling, Dec 22 2006

       wouldn't the reverse be better - painted illusion speed bumps that aren't.
po, Dec 22 2006

       This is okay as long as you don't want any emergency vehicle to respond in the area where the speedbumps are. Hitting a speedbump you don't know is there isn't fun in an ambulance.
oneoffdave, Dec 22 2006

       Bad idea. As [dave] points out ambulances wouldn't get along well with this. Neither would motorbikes, quads or trikes. Speed is not the main problem, that's inattentive/poor driving. [-]
DocBrown, Dec 22 2006

       Bun for [po]'s idea, bone for yours. With some remarkable arithmetic, that's a bone overall. [-]
david_scothern, Dec 22 2006

       I agree with po: <wouldn't the reverse be better - painted illusion speed bumps that aren't.>   

       I'm suprised no-one has brought up the nightmare of trying to snow-plow roads with effective speed-bumps installed.   

       However, I do agree that speed bumps treat the symptom not the cause of accidents. The cause being stupidity and inattention which tends to lead to excessive speed. Speed is not mutually exclusive to people that are inattentive or even stupid for that matter.   

       Since speed bumps are a bad idea weather they're real or an illusion I'm giving this a (-).
moots13181, Feb 22 2009

       Thats no problem in many Indian cities. The roads are so bad, you can never go fast.
kamathln, Feb 25 2009


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