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Candy-bar Cookie

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A cookie that's the length and width of a Hershey bar, is rectangular when viewed dorsally, and is packaged like a candy bar, but is otherwise identical to a normal-shaped cookie of the same species (E.g., Hydrox, Mystic Mint, Fudge Graham, Girl Scout Thin Mints, chocolate chip, etc.).

[edited on 8/22/08 from "Candy-bar Oreo" to reflect the idea rather than one possible incarnation of it. I hope that's ok. Also changed category.]

bnip, Aug 20 2008

Bourbon Biscuit http://www.nicecupo...evious.php3?item=16
An absoulte classic. Not as big as your proposed Oblong Oreo, but a quality sweetmeat nonetheless. [Jinbish, Aug 20 2008]

Existing product "Oreo Granola Bar" http://snacks.cyberpunks.org/oreobar.html
Granola? Really? [jutta, Aug 20 2008]

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar http://www.taquitos...php?snack_code=2745
[tatterdemalion, Aug 21 2008]

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       Make it a Hydrox and you've got a deal.
JakePatterson, Aug 20 2008

       I can't believe there's an Oreo category.   

       pet peeve: Hydrox as a name for a cookie. Makes me think of some household cleaning product.
bnip, Aug 20 2008

       I wanna say "meh", but then I realize this would make for a much better dunking experience. [+]
Noexit, Aug 21 2008


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