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Canned food microwave

For the lazy.
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It is not possible to effectively microwave canned food without removing the food from the can.

The canned food microwave has a waveguide assembly which clips over the top of the can with its lid removed. A portion of the waveguide may penetrate the contents. A mechanical stirrer may be necessary. Insert the can into the unit. Engage the waveguide. Push the start button. The contents of the can are automatically heated to the programmed temeperature.

Eat the food. Lick the spoon clean and put it back in your pocket. Throw the empty can away. Job done.

8th of 7, Sep 16 2002

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[rbl, Sep 17 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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       I thought metal objects in a micro-wave oven produced arcing.
po, Sep 16 2002

       It's too much trouble to dump the contents of the can onto a plate, but you're willing to go through the convolutions of connecting a waveguide to the top after opening the can? Then what? Eat out of the can?
phoenix, Sep 16 2002

       - is that like Pot Noodle, bliss?   

       cook him a meal. he looks HUNGRY.   

       hey bliss, have you noticed how niggly people get when they are on a diet? there's an idea there somewhere.
po, Sep 16 2002

       While they are perhaps less common than they used to be, there are vending machines which keep canned food hot continuously. Insert money, pull the lever, grab a spoon (often kept in a box conveniently close to the machine), remove the top of the can, and proceed to eat a can of rotini-in-sauce, baked beans, or other such foodstuff.   

       Applying this principle to a home appliance shouldn't be difficult, and would have the advantage that one wouldn't have to wait for one's food to be warmed (unlike when using, e.g. a microwave). The question of whether to leave the food in the can would be up to the individual user.
supercat, Sep 16 2002

       link for blissy. no idea where that word originates.   

       just had a quick peek in the dictionary - niggle (noun) = small worry.
po, Sep 17 2002

       When we got our first microwave it cam with a big warning about not microwaving eggs still in their shells. Took me agse to clean all the egg out, fortunately the oven wasn't damaged. I was fascinated by the creaking, ticking noise the shells emit just before they rupture.   

       The idea is that the can itself forms the outer shell of the "oven" with the wavegude sealing onto the lid. It would work better with wide, low cans, like Heinz canned puddings (Aaaaahhhhhhhh .....).
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002

       BinaryCookies seems big on canned turkey and suchlike, best ask him .....
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002


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