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Boiling Eggcup

From fridge to lips in 6 minutes flat
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With this sturdy eggcup, you can boil and then eat your egg easier, faster and with fewer utensils. The eggcup, with a total volume of one cup, is ribbed inside for water contact and has a top that screws on to make a tight fitting seal. The top has a hole in the center to fill the cup with water and to allow escape of steam. The detachable, electrical cord has a built-in, digital egg timer and thermostat so that the power is shut off at the ping of the timer or if the water has boiled away. To use, simply place egg in cup, screw on top, fill with water and set the timer. At the ping, detach cord, pour out remaining water, rinse with cold water if desired, remove top and then enjoy an egg boiled to your taste.
FarmerJohn, Jun 24 2002


       If you just make it an electric heating jacket, I don't think you actually need the water if it's reasonably conformable. The water is just used as a heat transfer medium after all. It would be more of an egg toaster, maybe working by radiant heat rather than conduction, but the idea is sound, unless you choose to make a pop up egg toaster which I think might be messy. The alternative would be to have a small magnetron, and microwave the egg. Careful dose control would be needed to avoid the ever present risk of explosion. I have tried microwaving eggs in their shells (because the book said not to do it) and it took several hours to clean the microwave afterwards.
8th of 7, Jun 24 2002

       Poached. I mean, baked. Krups has a device called EggExpress. It's not exactly what you described, but close. Put up to six eggs in their pockets. A special measuring cup tells you how much water to add according to how many eggs you're steaming, and whether you want them soft or hard. The underside of the water measurer has a needle for piercing the eggs to release steam and thus sulphur. Has a tray for poaching as well. Very loud buzz when ready -- wish it would ping. Still, I use it every week.
tharsaile, Jun 24 2002

       It's odd, but someone, who shall remain UnaBubba, is looking at the same list as I, and finding and/or rediscovering the brilliance of one wayward baker.   

       I am extremely fortunate, in the fact that, between waugs, Steve DeGroof, and FJ, I actually own a tee-shirt, with "The Door Path Beater" illustration, imprinted upon it. And no, it's not for sale. It's priceless.
blissmiss, Nov 06 2004


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