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Crown-Green Snooker

Making the game of bowls more 'hip', and less 'hip replacement'
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I have always felt that the current game of crown-green bowling is rather a ponderous affair, prone to elitism, owing to its club atmosphere and excessive demands on space. I think that the game could be made more accesible to inner city youth, if it took the form and size of a snooker table.

The bowls would need to be much heavier than current snooker balls, possibly using a Lead (or depleted Uranium) core. The 'green' would still be baize, but using the traditional curvature of the crown green and lacking the pockets, so essential to Snooker.

The only downside, might be the re-emergence of pipe-smoking amongst youngsters and the inevitable rise in the sales of high-fashion cardigans and slippers...

riposte, Dec 18 2002


       I used to live a hundred or so yards from Beverly Hills Lawn Bowling Club. Pre-ten-shus Fud-dy Dud-dies didn't take kindly to me whistling.
thumbwax, Dec 18 2002


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