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circular bowling lanes

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I have not enjoyed a good game of ten-pin for many years mainly because it would require a bit of a drive to find one.

now, I don't see why these places need to be in very very large buildings. if the alleys themselves were circular then you could cram one in almost anywhere. a traditional 60 foot bowling lane could fit in approx 400 square feet of property - get one in the back of a pub or a basement easy peasy.

the thing with these bowling alleys would be that the bowls would have to be precisely weighted to veer off to the left or right as appropriate.

btw, after doing a search, I know different versions of this idea feature elsewhere but they are not really the same.

po, Sep 10 2008

Velodrome http://static.flick...6959_5d82e2706b.jpg
bank it like one [futurebird, Sep 10 2008]


       Rather than weighting the balls, how about having the bowling lanes cambered (or have them sport powerful electro-magnets) and, rather than aim for pins, you could have two people bowl in opposite directions, and when (hopefully) the two bowling balls collide, award points based on the bits that are sent shotting off in the resulting explosion. Make it big enough, and position it somewhere near Geneva for the full Alpine experience.
zen_tom, Sep 10 2008

       Wouldn't it be painful being struck on the back of the ankles by a bowling ball?
Aren't lawn bowls already biased?
coprocephalous, Sep 10 2008

       ankles are safe as there is enough space for a holding gully behind the pins.
po, Sep 10 2008

       Perhaps a better solution: replace the lane with a short stretch of fast moving treadmill.
ldischler, Sep 10 2008

       There's definitely room in this post for a space-time-continuum warping device of some sort.
FlyingToaster, Sep 10 2008

       Bank the rim like a velodrome. (see link)
futurebird, Sep 10 2008

       [ldischler] Fast in which direction?
mylodon, Sep 10 2008

       [ldischler]'s idea could possibly take up an even smaller space.
po, Sep 11 2008


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