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Car Door Drawers

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There is NO vacuum nozzle attachment which is capable of sucking up those crumpled parking tickets, half eaten boiled sweets, hair grips, coffee stains etc which live at the bottom of the side panel of my car door.

How valeting firms do it is beyond me, and I salute them. For us less skilled mortals, I give you the car door drawer, a sliding bottom (not unlike those which catch the crumbs in a toaster) for easy cleaning of life's detritus from you trusty motor.

Fishrat, Mar 28 2007

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       How about car door trash bags?
xipetotec, Mar 28 2007

       Nope, it's been there the whole time I'm afraid!
Fishrat, Mar 28 2007

       So should I shake my car vigourously while upside down? I have to car-pool next week so a speedy reply would be appreciated. Thanks [bigsleep]
FussyPedant, Mar 28 2007

       <smug>Funnily enough, I already baked that idea, see linky</smug>
Fishrat, Mar 28 2007

       Ahh, I looked for that but didn't quite find it before I had to go to class. And I had no idea it was yours as well.
Hunter79764, Mar 29 2007

       I've had the local blind weavers organization weave me a fitted wicker waste-paper basket that sits in the centre console, for all the wiper-blade/traffic-light junk mail I get. I'm sure a door-mounted version could be devised.
Ned_Ludd, Mar 29 2007

       I've lost my favourite eyeliner somewhere in the mechanism at the side of the driver's seat; I have every sympathy.
po, Mar 29 2007


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