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Car Wash Anti Freeze System

Car wash all weather system
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Problem: Apartment complexes that offer an on-site car wash close the wash all fall and winter to prevent equipment freezing problems. The car wash is closed even on beautiful, warm days.

Suggestion: Equip the car wash system with a thermometer controlled valve system that detects freezing weather, turns off the water and drains the lines. In nice weather the thermostat would turn the water back on.

Sunstone, Nov 08 2005


       Or you could invent a method for heating and circulating hot water through the pipes so it can operate in freezing temps. – Make millions!
Shz, Nov 08 2005

       Apartment complexes offer an on-site carwash? I'm very impressed. That seems incredibly civilized. (I'm imagining something more here than three blonde cheerleaders in Daisy Mae cut-offs, a hose and a bucket of warm soapy water.)
jurist, Nov 08 2005


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