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Dinner and a Car Wash

A car wash and restaurant in one.
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A car wash station at which you order a meal, pull up to a window and pick it up, then proceed into a lengthy and luxurious car wash. The food would be a little better than your standard fast food, but the ordering process would be similar.

Excellent for people on long road trips, I hope.

rgovostes, Jul 03 2004


       But mom I have to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW.   

       This should be a drive-in cinema too
hippo, Sep 07 2011

       Being in a car going through a car wash makes me feel queasy. Eating might necessitate a more thorough cleaning of the car.
Twizz, Sep 07 2011

       Could this be located at the end of a long Scenic Drive?
swimswim, Sep 07 2011

       Shame. I was thinking there could be a restaurant where your car was taken away and valeted while you dined. Would work well for restaurants without nearby parking, too.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 07 2011

       That's funny Max, you liked the this idea when it was called "Drive through car wash".
calum, Sep 07 2011

       [MB] baked: I've seen a few garages with both valet parking and a car wash.
FlyingToaster, Sep 07 2011

       Garages that serve dinner? <--playing dumb for big laughs   

       Ney, but seriously. This is a great idea. I'd have the thing in a round building where you pulled up into the spot by your table and got to watch your car being washed while you eat.
doctorremulac3, Sep 07 2011


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