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Car to Home Conversion Kit

Because times are tough and winter is cold.
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Sometimes the income doesn't support the outcome. What better way to get ahead of the fiscal power curve than by spending a few months in your automobile?

No rent or mortgage, no electric bill, no utilities, etc.

I know you are thinking: But, MikeD, I don't have an SUV or a van. All I have is a compact foriegn sedan! Where will I sleep?

Enter: MikeD's Car-to-Home Conversion kit.

The kit includes an insulative foam matress designed to run from the dash to the rear passenger seat, (once the front passenger seat has been removed), with a custom molded bottom that conforms to the floor board. The kit also includes custom foam insulative pads that adhere to the windows, windshield and back glass via suction cup technology.

In a few hours you can convert your car into a comfortable and cozy mobile home.

MikeD, Jan 21 2011

EvaCar EvaCar
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8th of 7, Jan 21 2011

       Hmmm. So, the sleeping area is the space between the back seat and the dashboard? Is that enough? Or does it include the back seat?   

       Also, how do you drive the car once it's been converted?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 21 2011

       You don't. You get your chauffeur to drive it.
8th of 7, Jan 21 2011

       you miscomprehend, [8th]. I asked how you drive the car, not how one drives it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 21 2011

       [MB], the sleeping area includes the passenger side back seat. You will need the other side of the back seat to use as storage space for things you want to keep handy, like a toiletry bag, a few changes of clothes and a towel (of course).   

       Driving is no problem, unless you are incapable of driving without resting your arm on the passenger seat.
MikeD, Jan 21 2011

       Something tells me he might be.
daseva, Jan 21 2011

       Well, it's not easy. The damn thing is more of an encumbrance than a help when driving, especially if the batteries for the thumb are flat anyway, and it's a lot easier to take it off. But it needs to be kept nearby in case, for example, I need to make a gesture to someone passing me on the wrong side. So yes, I do usually find it simplest to rest it on the front seat.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 21 2011

       Almost baked - see link - but that isn't quite the same because it goes on the car, not in it - but it does sort out [MB]'s problem (the original problem, not the 'resting on the passenger seat while driving' problem).   

       I was thinking rather than taking out the front passenger seat, one could recline it as far as possible and then the foam could be moulded to fit over it, perhaps fitting in and out in door-sized chunks.
TomP, Jan 22 2011

       You'd probably want to weld the passenger door shut, or at least harden the lock somewhat. A bookshelf under the bed would raise it almost to the level of the window, while a sawsall would enable a "hallway" to an easy chair, perhaps a small dinette set, under a raised trunk lid.
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2011

       You can pick up a deuce'n'half for a few grand.
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2011

       That JERRV is one tough sob, [21]. It's actual IED defeat abilities are classified, I'm sure, but I can tell you: You wouldn't believe what it can handle.
MikeD, Jan 22 2011

       I've been inside a Cougar. Not so much usable living space.
RayfordSteele, Jan 22 2011

       I drive a Triumph Spitfire when I'm not riding my bike. I'm 6' tall. I can see the chiropractor's bills easily outweighing the rent savings.   

       "I've been inside a Cougar. Not so much usable living space."   

       So many bad jokes, so little time...
Twizz, Jan 24 2011

       // I've been inside a Cougar //   

       "How can I believe you when you say that you're a leopard, When you know you've been a lion all your life ?"
8th of 7, Jan 24 2011

       //So many bad jokes, so little time...//   

       Allow me to make my contribution:   

       //I've been inside a Cougar.//   

       ... And that is the last time I went to the zoo with [Rayford].
MikeD, Jan 25 2011

       If the rest is so expensive there.. get an old used VAN.
AutoMcDonough, Jan 27 2011


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