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Car springer

The real traffic releaser
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This is a spring attached to the bottom of you car and works by sending pressurised water through it sending it flying up in the air over the traffic and beyond.

P.S. ties in nicely whith the wapper

crash, Mar 24 2008

lowriders bounce http://www.youtube....watch?v=7oLLW6KllQI
you probably wouldn't go any higher than this. [jaksplat, Mar 24 2008]

Mach 5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mach_5
Button A [F_R_O_G, Mar 26 2008]


       A spring of pressurised water?
pertinax, Mar 24 2008

       Wasn't this baked by Speed Racer?
MisterQED, Mar 24 2008

       Can't help but think that this is only going to flip your car over, probably not the effect you're trying to achieve in rush hour traffic.   

       And where are you going to get all that water from?
DrCurry, Mar 24 2008

       [DrCurry] If dehydrated water was used, quite a good bit could be easily stored, if you partitioned off a portion of the trunk. 2 maybe 3 cubic meters? without the 2-3000kg added weight.
MikeD, Mar 24 2008

       Imagine if everyone in the queue had one...
wagster, Mar 24 2008

       Personally, I'd much rather wait in traffic for a few extra minutes than press a button that sends me catapulting to my death....
Doublexwhy, Mar 24 2008

       hehehehheh.... all part of my plan to rule the world.... hehehehheheh
crash, Mar 25 2008

       already baked, saw it in "road and Track" mag the "Mach 5" (link)
F_R_O_G, Mar 26 2008

       And it could just as easily jump you Back as well as Forward.
Bystander, Nov 10 2008


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