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Cat Stilts

Outwit the dog
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The age old cat/dog standoff generally seems to have two modes. When the cat has the high ground (table/chair/my head) he is able to repel the dog's invite to play or fight by hissing, spitting and fluffing up it's tail. Finally the nose-swipe surprises said dog and persuades him to skulk back to his rug and equilibrium is restored. When the cat has the low ground it loses the crucial psychological vantage point and furthermore comes within reach of the dog's paws and finds the nasal target has now moved out of range. Unless the cat can find a suitable vantage point within a couple of seconds, it is swiftly forced to flee out the catflap, leaving the dog with the misconception that he is more important and now in charge.

To rectify this, fit one foot long stilts to moggie and put him permanently on a level to eyeball the dog. Better still give him eighteen inch stilts and give him real power. Bind them gently to the lower portion of each leg and cover them by glueing on the bits of old hair from your cat brush. Introduce the stilts from a young age so the cat has a chance to get used to it: he soon won't walk any other way. That leaves only the problem of how to swipe the dog's nose.

A steel mace mounted on the tail should fix that.

wagster, Oct 05 2004

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skinflaps, Oct 05 2004

       This wouldn't work if the dog was equipped with a chainsaw.
lyserge, Oct 05 2004

       ...and another link.   

       Though it first strikes one as unlikely to be a commercial success, I admire the both the creative concept and the eloquent presentation. I also like the completeness: you've thought the whole thing through and solved a potential problem with another great idea. Indeed, a tail mace could obviate the cat stilts altogether; I suspect that all but the largest of dogs will learn quickly (for a dog, anyway) to respect any cat so equipped.
ThinkTwice, Oct 06 2004

       heh, heh,I wish I could give this another bun, as if by magic [+]
skinflaps, Jan 17 2005

       hehe +
benfrost, Jan 18 2005

       [skinflaps]Top predator
Dub, May 26 2006


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