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Cat Tat Skeedat

Feline Tatoo Removal Services
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As pet owners seek ever more sophisticated ways to pamper their pets, new markets are going to open up for products and services aimed at increasingly discerning consumers. No doberman owner is going to be satisfied with a stud collar when doggy piercing comes into vogue. Likewise, cat tattoos seem to be a natural match. The independent, anti-establishment nature of most cats makes them perfect candidates for body marking, under the fur of course, unless they choose to show it off. But personally I think the clever entrepreneur should anticipate the future demand for pet tattoo removal services. As cats age and begin to make lifestyle changes some of them are going to want to undo impulsive decisions made by their owners during their wild youth.
lingamish, Jul 10 2006

Tattoo'd cat http://www.petwellb...-rage-in-russia.cfm
[bonkers777, Apr 23 2009]




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