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Celebrate New Years on June 21

To change our world view
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Iranians celebrate the new year in the spring near March 21 as do many Asian cultures. The Islam and Jewish new year is in the fall, close enough to September 21. Compromising cultures like America celebrate December 21 plus 10 days for the sake of confusing calendrical history. Especially the Asian and American ways seem pretty obvious because they pretty much go along with the life cycle of plants of one sort of another, but also the religious way of doing it is easy to understand because it goes along with the life cycle of planning and planting crops.

So since no one else is doing June 21 and since there is only one more obvious astronomical year-celebrating point to chose, and since June 21 is the anti Christmas, but also since the metaphor of seeing lush summer maturity as the beginning of the life cycle is difficult poetically and so this maybe a way forward since it would require a higher level of common cultural understanding --- since all of that, why not celebrate New Years on June 21st?

Personally life started for me at 13 or 21, in the summer of my life, when I gained some kind of independence and responsibility. Since then it has pretty much been a slow dying to where I now exist in a cold rock-strewn, wind-swept post apocalyptic landscape with a few dead tree skeletons scattered like Halloween effigies.

A June 21 New Years would give me hope that possibly there is some kind of spring ahead and that it might be a kind of recapitulation of my original proto-senescence.

But it might also be, like Christianity was an opportunity for the Romans to bring together northern and southern traditions in a new kind of compromise, an opportunity to bring together eastern and western world traditions in a new way.

JesusHChrist, Jan 01 2016


       Celebrate both, and count half-years.
pocmloc, Jan 01 2016

       Fix the year to the solstice or the equinox.
WcW, Jan 01 2016


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