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Economy food store II

Going halfway to get cheap food to people
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This is in response to very real objection to Economy food store (see link) Idea.

// People in circumstances which require extreme economy may have difficulty getting to this dedicated store. — bungston, Sep 12 2008 //

So instead of the poor going to the store, the store goes to them... at least halfway. Here's one way to do that.

So you start up as a single store selling cheap food and whatever else you need to sell to stay solvent. Then you set up a bunch of branch stores that start out as just vending machines selling rice and beans and other cheap fuel (and sodas if need be to stay solvent). Placement: Think end a subway platform where space is cheap. Or on large company parking lot.

At some point you upgrade the vending machine to take much more complex orders and graft a series of machine controlled small lockers next to it. Patrons place orders for what is in the main store via the vending machine or over the Internet and pickup their order the next day from the vending machine locker. Since the delivery drivers only haul to the vending machine --- the deliveries are consolidated and routine.

And you put a couple of machines on Park Avenue and Rodeo Drive for the publicity.

popbottle, Mar 04 2014

Economy food store Economy_20food_20store
THe STart of this. [popbottle, Mar 04 2014]


       //and whatever else you need to sell to stay solvent//   

       Read that as "stay soylent" and became somewhat alarmed. Never mind. As you were.
AusCan531, Mar 05 2014

       //and whatever else... to stay solvent// Arizona: Weed & Feed.
FlyingToaster, Mar 05 2014

       //but is a 50 cent burrito the kind of cheap you are talking about ? //   

       Well, you could always go to Taco Bell ... you still get a 50 cent burrito, but you pay $7 for it ...
8th of 7, Mar 05 2014

       Not sure how this gets it to the people. Vending machines are little stores but they too stay put. Also people fuss about the kind of nonperishables one can get from vending machines. And size is an issue: if I shop for my big family every 2 weeks I want to buy in bulk: big bags, big cans. Tubs. Kegs. HOGSHEADS!   

       Yes. There was a challenge on Innocentive about "food deserts". I proposed a rolling store; maybe a retrofitted bus, or on the reservation a train. No love for that concept I am sad to report.
bungston, Mar 05 2014


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