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First Person Reality TV

home movies shot with hidden glasses cams
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A reality TV show that shows audience donated video shot using a mini video cam mounted on the nose bridge of a pair of glasses -- so all shots are real first person shots. The cam would have to be hidden so that participants wouldn't know they were on camera. This would be great because when you watched the show it would be like experiencing whatever crazy situation the camera people were willing to get themselves into. And then crazy camera people would compete to get themselves into crazier and crazier real situations.
JesusHChrist, Jan 21 2005

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       Baked by all those hidden camera shows.
Pericles, Jan 21 2005

       Thats what I get for not having a TV
JesusHChrist, Jan 22 2005

       As far as I know, there's no hidden camera show based on audience-submitted tapes.   

       This might happen in a two or three years, when miniaturized digital movie cameras are truly ubiquitous.   

       (I don't think loaning movie cameras to the audience would fly, mostly for insurance reasons - you don't want to be legally responsible for the stunts the viewers do in order to get attention.)
jutta, Feb 06 2005

       I was thinking about a similar idea that I might have put into practice had I been able to get the financial backing (astronomical) and depending on certain technology being available (science fiction). I was going to put my life online by wearing a camera headset with a direct satellite link-up to a website. Like a permanent 1st Person webcam that never turns off, despite what I might be doing at the time.   

       Of course I'd immediately be fired for revealing corporate secrets to the World, would find it hard to pursue a meaningful relationship with someone (the only women interested would be those looking for a quick flash of fame), and everyone would see how boring my life can be at times. But I think it would make a massive amount of money if handled right. Then all I'd have to do is get up to no good once in a while, do a bit of stuntmongery and try and kiss girls. Instant hit.
theleopard, Sep 24 2007


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