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Cereal screen

for those who drink the milk
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This is a half-circled-shaped thin wire mesh with a lip along the rounded edge. When you are nearly finished your breakfast cereal, place the mesh along the edge of the cereal bowl, tip back and the remaining milk passes through as the leftover bits of corn flakes or rice crisps are trapped in the mesh, where they can be collected with the spoon. Saves having to hunt for the last floaty bits at the end of the cereal session, and removes fear of choking while drinking the milk.

Mesh would have to be flexible enough to adapt to different bowl circumferences.

tatterdemalion, Jan 01 2010


       What? No centrifuge?
(Edit: Not my fishbone.)
swimswim, Jan 01 2010

       This is brilliant. I save my last sippies of milk for claire, and if there is even one Frosted Flake floating about, she turns up her cute little kitty nose.   

       This would be purrrrfect for the two of us.
blissmiss, Jan 01 2010

       Me thinks you need a different name though...
blissmiss, Jan 01 2010


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