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Chainsaw shaver

Not something to use while drunk.
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Remember when razors had only one blade? How 20th century! Modern wet shavers have at least 4 blades, and some also vibrate, from mobile-phone envy.
I propose a method by which a whole new level of closeness may be achieved.
A series of safety-razor-blade 'links' are connected together into a loop, which is rotated by means of a small electric motor. Therefore hand-motion is minimised, and partially cut or missed hairs are no longer the major problem facing mankind.
Loris, May 25 2007


       I guess it would be at least as safe as a straightedge. But how do you replace the strip of excessive blades, and how often do you need to do so?
ye_river_xiv, May 25 2007

       I'm picturing a miniaturized reel mower. Am I close?
lurch, May 25 2007

       Cylinder mower, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2007

       Get rid of the motor and make it a push-shaver.
nuclear hobo, May 25 2007

       //But how do you replace the strip of excessive blades, and how often do you need to do so?//   

       I guess you can pull the loop out to one side after removing a guard. As I imagine you put the track on a tank. Since there are a lot of blades, they wouldn't get as much individual wear, so you wouldn't have to do that very often I'd have thought.   

       //I'm picturing a miniaturized reel mower.// I don't know what that is, but I wouldn't have thought so.
Loris, May 26 2007

       Sounds just like in Blackadder:   

       "He horrifically decapitated himself while shaving"
froglet, May 26 2007

       Just how safe would changing this flexible strip of razor sharp things be?   

       And how do you propose to keep the bits of hair and skin particles from jamming up all those tiny chain links?
ye_river_xiv, May 26 2007

       +1 for your profile page alone.   

       I can't see one problem at all with this idea.
po, May 26 2007


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