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Camera-Equipped Shaver

So you can easily see whatever is about to get shaved
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This Idea was inspired by another (linked), and thanks for the shaver category!

The linked Idea also mentions that it can be difficult to use a mirror to see the place that is about to get shaved next. So, I thought, mount a camera on the shaver, and replace the mirror with a monitor screen, which is connected to the camera. What with cameras so small these days, that every smartphone has one (or two!), it should be a simple matter to incorporate one into a shaver, with an appropriate view of the next place on the skin to get shaved.

Vernon, May 14 2015

Inspiration for this Idea Plasthaptic_20Motion_20Sense_20Shaver
As mentioned in the main text. [Vernon, May 14 2015]


       Does your personal barber have a problem with their eyesight, [Vern] ?
8th of 7, May 14 2015

       Even if a gentleman shaves himself only occasionally or in dire circumstances, he ought to be sufficiently familiar with his own face to be able to navigate around it.   

       Next you'll be proposing some sort of RFID tag to help you find your arse in the dark.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2015

       Post it, [MB]. You know it's worth it.
pocmloc, May 14 2015

       Another one for the hole in the ground, and an iThing app to compare and differentiate.
FlyingToaster, May 14 2015

       I don't use an electric shaver, preferring a wet shave with real shaving soap (not from a can), a real bristle shaving brush and real razor blades (old-style blades, which are cheaper, longer-lasting and more environmentally friendly than modern "Mach 3" cartridges or similar). However I would be interested in an electric shaver that resembled a miniature combine harvester and which created mini "hay bales" from my hair.
hippo, May 15 2015

       Some hardware add-on bits and an iPhone app gives you a shaver-equipped camera.
tatterdemalion, May 15 2015


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