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Flash Shaver

Quick, to say the least.
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New from BorgCo, the flash shaver is the perfect accessory for the man in a hurry.

No messing about with soap or blades, recharging batteries, trailing power cords. Just press your face into the silicone facemask, ensuring the eyecups are correctly positioned*, close your mouth, hold your breath, and push the "fire" button.

A carefully measured quantity of ethanol is injected into the chamber, then ignited by a spark. The vapour is saturated and non-stoic, so the flame burns slow and cool. When combustion ends, fresh air scented with aftershave is immediately blasted through the chamber by a powerful fan, removing any lingering odour of scorched hair.

If stubble remains, simply repeat the process until satisfied.

*The quantity of eyebrows can go down as well as up.

8th of 7, Jul 19 2015

zappy thingy http://www.argos.co...tNumber/1081231.htm
[not_morrison_rm, Jul 20 2015]


       Do you think we could find a commercially available adapter in a size that will allow a butane/propane cylinder to be attached instead?
pocmloc, Jul 19 2015

       There's one in the box, in the little plastic bag you put somewhere safe and then forgot about.
8th of 7, Jul 19 2015

       Ya gotta have some liquid remaining on the skin or it's just a "face remover".
FlyingToaster, Jul 19 2015

       For some, indeed many, that might actually constitute an improvement...
8th of 7, Jul 19 2015

       // removing any lingering odour of scorched hair   

       harder than you might expect..especially if it's zapping the upper lip...   

       Actually there is a charring device on the market linky, but the Borg wins on points as there's bound to be alcohol to hand after the procedure,with their version.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 20 2015

       There's a liquid available from my stove top still that can accomplish this same end, and it's internally user friendly if you water it down a little bit.
normzone, Jul 21 2015

       //can accomplish this same end,   

       I think it doesn't, but after drinking enough of it, the problem seems less like such a big deal.
not_morrison_rm, Jul 21 2015


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