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Multi-functional charity bracelets

More than just the bracelet
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Everyone has seen those charity bracelets...Livestrong, Makepovertyhistory, StandupSpeakup etc....the list goes on and on and ON!!! There are literally hundreds of different types. Some legit charity ones, and some cheap fashion-only ones. Whatever the case may be, they are everywhere.

I often see someone walk past wearing loads...in excess of 5 sometimes. Now this is just too much. Fine so they're trying to show their support for the charities they've donated to, fair enough, but this is next-level...I actually saw a kid that had them halfway up his arm. This must surely not be good for blood circulation. Soon people will be loosing their arms due to this (and I'm sure some blood-sucker will start selling bracelets in support of people who lost limbs to these rubber bracelets in the first place)

Apart from the obvious charity-statement these bracelets make, they are also significantly fashionable.

I suggest ditributing DIY magnetic kits for attching these bracelets to one another. You would cut the bracelet in one place, and attach attracting magnets to each end.

therefore (and this is the *slightly* cool part)

People could mix, and match 2 bracelets and wear them around their neck. I've found that the cicumfrence of ones neck is roughly twice than that of their wrist. so 2 bracelets make a choker attached with the magnets, allowing the wearer to support multiple charities without the risk of looking like an idiot.

shinobi, Jul 25 2005


       //and I'm sure some blood-sucker will start selling bracelets is support of people who lost limbs to these rubber bracelets in the first place//   

       Bun, just for that remark!
froglet, Jul 25 2005

       I share the author's disgust for the recent charity band craze. Unfortunately, I don't like the idea.
estreet, Jul 25 2005


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