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Charity Turnstiles

literally 'pay as you go'
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large/central stations with a row of turnstiles in bus/train stations...

1 or 2 of these turnstiles (may be the corner ones) should be 'charity linked turnstiles' which if you pass using your usual contactless card, an additional 5 pence/cents will be deducted and this money to be used for a charity organization.

commuters can either choose to use such specially marked (visually distinct) turnstiles everyday or once a while as per wish. This is only for swiping-in...no change during swipe- out.

to promote this mechanism, 'system' picks a lucky commuter and texts him this -- "as a token of appreciation for supporting the charity, your trip from xxx to yyy on dd/mm/yy is on us! " and this user's contactless card is credited with the relevant amount of this specific trip.

also this might avoid those volunteers standing with a small bucket asking the commuters for 'spare change'...

ravi kris334, Oct 25 2017

thelifeyoucansave.org has about ten high impact charities http://www.thelifeyoucansave.org
[beanangel, Oct 25 2017]


       Wonder how much money Clark Kent would have to pay to turn into Superman?
RayfordSteele, Oct 25 2017

       They would have to measure this, with the risk of having an expose written up at Freakonomics. Very approximately, research suggests that doing something like giving thumbs-up to charity posts feels like giving, and less actual action is taking, creating a net loss to do-gooderism.   

       although thelifeyoucansave.org [link] says it is possible to save a human life, and prevent lots of malaria, for $60 it is possible, or even likely, that the turnstile nickels would go to a suite of less effective charities.   

       They should do the research to find out if it actually reduces giving.   

       I sense a croissant coming if there are two lanes though one labeled "high impact charity" and one labeled "local charity"
beanangel, Oct 25 2017


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