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"Hey Buddy, Can You Spare A Tap?"

give card readers to the homeless
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Give card readers to the homeless is a proposed scheme whereby homeless street people would be given special card readers that can only ever deduct a pre-determined amount from those who tap their payment cards on them.

As most people no longer carry any cash, those dependant on casual street donations from passers by are finding life tougher these days.

The second part of the idea is with the owners of the cards, who elect in advance via their app, the amount they wish to give in simple increments of £1. Daily limits may also be pre-set.

The result of these two components means that only cards with the necessary predetermined authorisation by their owners can make a donation, and only homeless card readers can receive those amounts. This places total control with the card owners, who cannot now be scammed into accidentally donating a large amount.

Homeless people with no bank account could receive cash from their readers in any outlet with a cash machine.

"Hey buddy, can you spare a tap?"

xenzag, Oct 24 2019

tap and go https://www.revolut.com/en-IE
brilliant [xenzag, Oct 25 2019]

Ah, you mean "pay by bonk". https://www.theregi...anking_survey_visa/
[Loris, Oct 25 2019]


       I think the move to a cashless society is a Huge mistake, and squashing the pan handlers is just the first symptom of a disease that will see people's lives destroyed in the blink of a glitch.   

       I think the move to a cashless society is a Huge mistake, and squashing the pan handlers is just the first symptom of a disease that will see people's lives destroyed in the blink of a tyrant.
Voice, Oct 24 2019

       Cashless transactions are fine for day-to-day use, but the "manual" back-up MUST remain. (On a similar note, the "Tap- n-Go" card function is ridiculous and needs to die.)
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 24 2019

       //"Tap- n-Go" card function is ridiculous and needs to die// Out of interest, why? Are you in the US or the UK (or, indeed, neither)?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 24 2019

       I would say in the US, where banking is quite primitive and they still use loads of cash.
xenzag, Oct 24 2019

       If instead of money the donor gave a large sheet of heavy, waterproofed canvas suitable for use on ships or trucks, this could be "Buddy, can you spare a tarp ... ?"
8th of 7, Oct 24 2019

       I was thinking of down-and-out plumbers
pocmloc, Oct 24 2019

       ...or a particular shade of dark greyish-brown: “Hey Buddy, can you spare a taupe”
Frankx, Oct 24 2019

       If the mendicant craves a roast pigeon from Germany, it would be "Buddy, can you spare a Taube ?"
8th of 7, Oct 24 2019

       I'm in New Zealand, a country that was a very early adopter of EFT-POS and related cash-less-ness.
Requiring a mechanical process (swipe or insert) and an entered PIN is far more secure than "Tap-n-Go". A friend recently lost her Tap-n-Go bank card; BOOM $400 gone to the person who found it and went on a shopping spree. Also, it opens the card up to being "scanned" and copied remotely (not that it is common... yet). My philosophy is only use a wireless data system if you MUST. Saving 2 seconds while purchasing but creating a very insecure system to do it is just dumb.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 25 2019

       That sounds like a primitive system. I use a card that I load a few quid on as I need it via an app on my iPhone. If I lose the card, I can cancel it instantly or take the loss of maybe £20. This is far better than carrying cash, because then you drop that, it's gone forever. My card also shows all transactions on my phone instantly. I see no reason to deny access to this technology to those who depend on cash donations that are no longer going to happen as we progress to a totally cashless society. Tap cards are the present and the future. Try getting a bus or tube in London without one. They don't take cash. This is the case in several countries now. The colonies will always lag behind, but as their citizens visit other places they will learn new ways.
xenzag, Oct 25 2019

       //Try getting a bus or tube in London//   

       Actually, don't. You need to look after your quality of life.
pocmloc, Oct 25 2019

       //A friend recently lost her Tap-n-Go bank card; BOOM $400 gone// Hmm. Fair point. At least the bank should be liable for the losses.   

       Maybe, as a compromise, tap-and-go POS machines could require fingerprint confirmation - not quite as quick as just T&G, but would offer reasonable security.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2019

       I've got an idea that this is baked. Was it for Big Issue sellers?
po, Oct 25 2019

       Show and tell. Without some method, such as I have proposed, those who depend on small donations of cash will end up getting nothing. Tap card such as Revolut are totally brilliant in many ways. They may be unheard of in countries with less developed banking systems, but they will replace all cash because they are more versatile, more convenient and more secure. None of my friends use or carry cash now. It's simply not needed.
xenzag, Oct 25 2019

       I love the kindness expressed by this idea. My work is helping the homeless and as winter approaches here we are talking life and death. I think this could save a life if when the temp dips to the below zero marks here, the donor could maybe tap enough for the homeless person to get a warm hotel room for the night.   

       Just think, [xenzag], you may have thought of an idea that could really make a change for the betterment of humanity.    

       I'd give you a whole chunk of buns if I could. Some for intent, and some for an idea that works to make the world a better place for those not in the million-dollar club.
blissmiss, Oct 25 2019

       Thank you - kind an generous as always.
xenzag, Oct 25 2019

       // None of my friends use or carry cash now //   

       That assertion strains credulity to the limit.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2019

       We're modern shiny people.
xenzag, Oct 25 2019

       No, not the cashless thing - the outrageous claim that you've got any friends.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2019

       Their combined brightness would blind you in an instant.
xenzag, Oct 25 2019

       Yes, but have you told them they're your friends?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 25 2019

       They orbit like an asteroid belt. It's hard to keep up.
xenzag, Oct 26 2019

       // asteroid //   

       Cold, hard, gritty and unattractive then ...
8th of 7, Oct 26 2019

       No. They’re happy shiny and modern. Just like me. They’re hip too. We're all groovy hipsters. If I showed you pics, you'd only swoon at how cool we are, then look at yourself and your tweedie friends and scrape your head up an down a rough wall in frustration.
xenzag, Oct 26 2019

       "scrape your head up an down a rough wall in frustration."   

       There will come a time in my future when I will use this effectively. And I savor the day. Ha.
blissmiss, Oct 27 2019

       So the wall is a rough calming texture, or not?   

       On the other hand, floors are horizontal walls and they can have rubber mats.
wjt, Oct 27 2019


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