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Coin Charity High Scores

Take a page from Space Invaders
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Those of you who are of a certain age will remember standup video games which could be operated for a quarter. If you did well, you could add your initials to a high scores list. Some machines had that day's top scores, and maybe also a list all time top scores: passing demigods who branded their initials on your local game.

The problem with those coin drop charities is they are too low tech, and offer no recognition beyond the nod of the cashier. I propose that these things be fitted out with a digital camera and a high scores list. Scores would be the amount of money dropped, displayed on a little screen. Next to the high score list would be an image of the player snapped by the camera - probably a face, or whatever he or she held up to the camera. I mean a cartoon picture or something! Come on! This is charity!

Now the charity coin drop would commemorate the heroes of the day, as well as those passing billionaires who smiled upon the lowly change taker.

The coin drop could have some other aspects to make it more interesting, although that is really a different idea. For example, a hyperbolic coin funnel with obstacle pegs along the way. Or instead of obstacle pegs, obstacle ramps! A heavy coin (think pound) might be able to catch air off of one of these and keep going - double score! How far does your coin get? A pachinko type machine running on coins, not balls. OK, ok, you get the picture.

bungston, Feb 20 2007

Hyperbolic funnel Hyperbolic_20Funnel_20Fountain
OK: not as I remembered it. Of course these funnel things are coin charities done up cool. [bungston, Feb 20 2007]


       //passing demigods who branded their initials on your local game.//
I don't know if there is any equal to this now. No "who is this R.A.H. jerk? Every time I get on the high scores he knocks me out!"
Zimmy, Feb 20 2007


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