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charity receipt code

get a unique code when donating to a charity that can be used anywhere
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You give to a charity (say helping out with the typhoon recovery) and in the receipt of payment you get a unique randomized code (similar in uniqueness to a software license key). This code is stored in a secure database keyed to the charity event (say the typhoon), the charity, and the donation amount but stripped of any identifying information.

Then these codes can be used at businesses who want to reward donations. For example, if you donated $25 to help with the typhoon you could get a coupon for a free coffee at your local coffee shop. All you'd need to do is go to that shop's website and type in your unique charity receipt code which would net you a coupon. The nice thing about these codes is one could get rewards from multiple businesses for a single donation. The idea is to let any business reward charitable giving, not tie the reward to a single transaction where the charity needs to set up the reward infrastructure on its own.

lepton, Nov 11 2013


       // one could get rewards from multiple businesses for a single donation// if you've not VERY careful you'll cause arbitrage resulting in people getting more than they give to charities.
Voice, Nov 11 2013

       Not bad.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 11 2013

       I'm going to start a charity to give aid to the owners of bankrupt local coffee shops.
hippo, Nov 12 2013

       No, if the coffee shop wants to support the relief effort, they should. If you and I want to, we should too. I think that more money would go to the actual people in need if we didn't make it so complicated. We don't need to spend money on this infrastructure, and loose money to fraud from people trying to work this system. [-]
scad mientist, Nov 12 2013

       What's in it for the coffee shop? I can't see a reason why a business would participate.
tatterdemalion, Nov 12 2013

       It will cost a lot of money to hire people to process these codes therefore defeating the pupose. Also, if you donated $25 and expect something back in return, then did you only really donate $20?
xandram, Nov 14 2013


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