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Ear Hair Plaits

Because some people have it , and some don't.
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Yesterday I noticed a man with extraordinarily hairy ears. Curious as to the prevalence of the phenomenon, I Googled the condition and found the world record for ear hair length is some 18.1cm (7.25in).

Obviously, there is a worldwide association of ear hair wearers, though it's not something that has taken off in polite culture.

UBCo's Wig, Toupee & Merkin Division has developed a range of Earwigs for those who wish to be able to display carefully styled and plaited Ear Hair here and there, but can't quite match the Haircurlean feats of the auricularly hirsute.

Styles range from the EarDreads to the Princess Leia. Order today and we'll throw in a free styling wand and a crimping iron.

UnaBubba, May 03 2012

Current World Record Holder - Anthony Victor http://www.virginme...g-bodies.php?ssid=9
[UnaBubba, May 03 2012]


       Whatcha got cooking for nasal hair? Nostril ponytails? Ewwwwww...
blissmiss, May 04 2012

       No, [bigs], I just saw an old man with hair about 4 inches long sprouting from his ears, when I was buying a coffee yesterday, and wondered if he's ever tried plaiting the hair to make it look neater.   

       As for puns... my mind runs on the bloody things... I'm an incorrigible punster and don't need any more incorridgment.
UnaBubba, May 04 2012

       Nostril ponytail fastener, [blissy]. ;)
UnaBubba, May 04 2012

       Try to be nice after posting that link, just try. (Geesh, the man looks so damn pleased with himself, like it's a good thing.)
blissmiss, May 04 2012

       In India, anything that different could make you an overnight guru and therefore worthy of great wealth and public adulation.
UnaBubba, May 04 2012

       I'm going there in a few weeks. Maybe I should fashion up and wear a "I'm a Halfbaker" badge and then lapup the great wealth and public adoration.
AusCan531, May 04 2012

       Good luck with that. Try not to end up being told you need extra permits for travel and visiting the sights. It's the current scam in India... not too aggressive, but they'll skin you for $400-500 before you realise it's dodgy.
UnaBubba, May 04 2012

       but that's only for people who wear the HB badges, so wear it upside down and tell them it's a Peruvian lucky charm...
not_morrison_rm, May 06 2012

       // Princess Leia //   

       Two buns, then … ?
8th of 7, May 06 2012

       If you insist, [8th].
UnaBubba, May 06 2012

       Good one [8th]
AusCan531, May 06 2012


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