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E Stylist

Cut it like ... this
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I actually can't remember when the last time I cut my hair was. I am starting to think that uttering the phrase "Well I guess I'm not cutting my hair for the next four years" was not really the best thing to try and stick to. (I at least have the capability to back off from bad decisions unlike a certain former governor of this state. - just call me wishy washy I guess)

I don't really like going to get my hair cut as the result is usually not what I was hoping for and I just don't like the experience of it all. It's also my hope that the E Stylists would say "You know, I think it would look good long if you just do these things ..."

Now with an E Stylist I can email 4 shots of my head and answer some questions about how fine/coarse the hair is, how much time I am willing to spend maintaining it, etc. and the E Stylist goes to work.

I will get back an e-mail showing different possible creations with notes telling me why they work with my facial shape, skin tone, and maintanance requirements.

I can print out the hair design photos that I like the best and take them into my prefered salon and say "can you do this?"

Zimmy, Jan 30 2005

Salon Styler Software http://www.salonstyler.com/
[robinism, Jan 30 2005]


       I bet people would actually pay for this. I think it would work.
bungston, Jan 30 2005

       Would the stylist be drawing/painting the new hairstyle by hand, or would they use a software program to do it? Software to do this exists, (see link) but your long-distance-makeover adds a new twist.
robinism, Jan 30 2005

       [robinism] I guess the biggest part of the idea is in fact already in existence. I don't have the expertise to really know if for example, a mohawk, is the optimum hair style for me though. probably not.
Zimmy, Jan 30 2005


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