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Pushes Chips Up
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Imagine yourself lying on the couch, it's the middle of the summer and super boring... You reach over for your handy can of Pringles or some other brand of chips and open the cap. The can is old and inside you can see the chips down at the bottom but they are too far to reach, OH Noooooo!

Now, take a look at your neighbor, he's also sitting on the couch but when he reaches for his can of chips and pops the lid, the chips have already been raised up to the lid and he simply has to pull one off the stack and enjoy,, no reaching in the can for him!

How was he able to achieve such a thing? He bought a can with the Chip-Lifter. The Chip-Lifter is a small plastic covered device that weighs your chips and as it senses that the weight is too less and you will have to reach in the can -GASP- it automatically goes up a few notches, not enough to shoot the chips out but enough to raise it so you can pull them out...

devol4, Jan 04 2008

Prior art Tear-Away_20Pringles_20Canister
I believe this idea was mentioned in the annos. [Canuck, Jan 04 2008]

Pringle lifter http://imgur.com/DrJHRPm
[xaviergisz, Oct 04 2014]


       NOTE: This device does not require electricity, it merely uses the can as the counterweight.
devol4, Jan 04 2008

       Nice lateral thinking - the plates at Home Town Buffet can do this, Shirley the mechanism can be adapted to the Pringles can.   

       This might be a WTAGIPBAN.   

       By the way, for your first pedantic whipping: "the weight is too less" should be "the weight is too _little_" or even better "the chip weight goes below a minimum threshold".
globaltourniquet, Jan 04 2008

       Gravity is simply not complex enough.
RayfordSteele, Jan 04 2008

       // simply not complex enough //   

       gr: tautology.......   

       Try the Weak Nuclear Force, it's nice and complicated...... if it actually exists .....
8th of 7, Jan 04 2008

       Well, due to the prior art discovery, it can't officially be called a WTAGIPBAN, but we have to give [devo] a break on that - that was a tough one to search. It was a good half-baked idea then and still is.
globaltourniquet, Jan 04 2008

       //Try the Weak Nuclear Force, it's nice and complicated...... if it actually exists ....// I didn't think anyone had queried the existence of the WNF since shortly after we stopped querying the roundness of the Earth?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 04 2008

       // we stopped querying the roundness of the Earth //   

       Have you actually, personally, seen the Earth from space ? Boy, are you in for a shock .....
8th of 7, Jan 05 2008

       No, but I've seen space from the Earth, and it has a big spherical hole in the middle.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 05 2008

       if you're not averse to a little twisting, your problem is easily solved by incorporating the twisty mechanism found in deodorants, lipsticks, etc. in pringles cans.   

       push up the next batch of chips with a little twist.
pyggy potamus, Jan 05 2008

       My original idea was to load the Pringles can in a caulk gun, but what you really want is pretty easy...   

       When making the new Pringes cans, attach two plastic coiled flat springs to the top edge of the can opposite each other. Now put in the piston, which is basically a thin plastic cylinder with a chip shaped top, two cavities for the flat springs to uncoil in and a skirt long enough to stop the piston from turning sideways in the can. You may want to add a chip shaped add-on for the cap, so you don't break chips putting he cap back on.   

       I think in mass production, this could be done reasonably cheaply. The tough part is designing the flat springs to just exceed the weight of one chip. Also the bottom piston lifter is going to take up some room (for piston skirt length), so you'd get less chips in a can. You could limit this by using side rails, but I think that would be more expensive to make.   

       Also, you'd have to convince people to open the cans while verticle, as if done horizontally, all the chips will fall out.
MisterQED, Jan 05 2008

       sp: crisp.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 06 2008


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