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Pringles for big hands

Ever have trouble getting down to the last few pringles?
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Build some sort of device into the bottom of a pringles can that raises the pringles as the can empties. A small airbag of some sort could be used, I"m not sure how something like that would work, mostly in regards to price and weight... Maybe possibly a spring and a plastic shelf to push the chips up with. This, of course, would have to be low powered, so as not to eject the chips from the can when it is opened.
thirteen113, Dec 21 2002

The Picklevator http://www.deanpick...roductsimage2.shtml
Something like this, but with the pull on the edge instead of in the center, perhaps? [krelnik, Oct 04 2004]


       Personally, I turn the can upside down. But, I can imagine a packaging modification to make the can have a piston-like bottom to work like a tube of caulking.
half, Dec 21 2002

       Semi-chipomatic rack n' slide
thumbwax, Dec 21 2002

       Make it like a PEZ dispenser and put a silly plastic head on top.
Shz, Dec 21 2002

       Or, just design the can to be used in a normal caulking gun...
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2002

       [shz] mr. pringles' head   

       My real interest here is that the empty container can still be used as a mortar for my homemade fireworks displays. So don’t mess up the can too much. As for actually solving the problem, I’m with [half] - turn the can upside down. Dump the chips into a bowl or something.
Shz, Dec 21 2002

       Redesign the can slightly (sorry Shz) so it's got an oval shape to it, instead of being perfectly cylindrical. You'll have more room for that big paw of yours, plus it'll fit the chips better and help reduce breakage.
redshift9, Dec 22 2002

       That can would certainly be destroyed if I put a charge in it. Let’s make larger chips and put them in a larger can such that every hand size fits in the can. More chip + easier access + larger fireworks has to be a good thing. No offense [redshift9], I need it cylindrical.
Shz, Dec 22 2002

       None taken. When forced to choose between chips and explosives, I'll choose explosives every time.
redshift9, Dec 22 2002

       [redshift9] you are truly a half-baker
kaz, Dec 23 2002

       [redshift9] what if your hands still can't fit into the package? what if theyre square??   

       what is needed is a claw and extension attachment to the finger - it could be fitted to one of those fingerstall things for counting money.
po, Nov 30 2003

       push-pop can ...... this would also be good for pickels instead of putting your hand in pickle juice or getting a fork
SystemAdmin, Apr 26 2004

       big hands, (giggle...)   

       Our hamster loves empty pringles cans, they are the perfect size for her.
dentworth, Apr 27 2004

       You can't make the can oval so that your paw would have more room and so that the chips fit better and help reduce breakage, unless you also make the chips larger.   

       I have a new idea; The can could be split in half vertically, with a hinge, and it would snap shut with a seal. That way you have easy access to every chip.
BJS, Apr 29 2007


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