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peanut butter in a tube

Get your peanut butter just like toothpaste!
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Its always messy work trying to get peanut butter out of the jar, especially when its all at the bottom. The solution is simple; it should come in a tube just like toothpaste and other food products. Kids would love it, wouldn't they?
froeset, Apr 24 2002

Peanut Butter Slices http://www.splendid..._peanutbutter.shtml
Another method of peanut butter delivery [half, Apr 24 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

The Tube Council http://www.tube.org
"The world's first and only web resource devoted to the collapsible tube industry." [quarterbaker, Apr 24 2002, last modified Oct 17 2004]

skippy http://www.peanutbu...squeezeproducts.asp
[redsimple, Feb 06 2006]

Jam applicator jars Jam_20applicator_20jars
another squeeze sandwich thing [Cube, Feb 07 2006]


       Good idea. Reminds me of a radio interview I heard recently. A guy has invented individually wrapped peanut butter slices. Works like individually wrapped pre-sliced cheese. Though probably not used on the same sandwich.
half, Apr 24 2002

       This is so simple and obviously useful I'm surprised it hasn't been done. How many dirty knives a week can I save? Have a PB&J-flavored croissant. Of course, this would have to lead to the usual variations: ie. Goober-Grape in a tube, striped sorta like Aquafresh, perhaps with two flavors of jam. Chunky-style might become a problem. My other concern is the viscosity-factor. PB might be too thick for tube-dispensal.   

       Welcome to the 1/2bakery, by the way. The home of not-quite practical, but inventive and usually entertaining ideas.   

       Now if I could only find the toothpaste lid...
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002

       if you can get cheese out of a tap, I am pretty damned sure you can get peanut butter (yuk) out of a tube. hello froeset.
po, Apr 24 2002

       Didn't we do this before? Ach. In either case, it's a good idea.
phoenix, Apr 24 2002

       [po] You can get cheese out of an aerosol can; doesn't mean it's any good, though.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002

       Now all we need is a brilliant idea for getting people to squeeze the peanut butter FROM THE BOTTOM!
globaltourniquet, Apr 24 2002

       get your squeeze in a tube, might be a squeeze in my case.
po, Apr 24 2002

       Link provided for collapsible tube stuff.

Fast food restaurants have kitchen-staff-use condiments in caulk tubes. Rather than squeezing the tube (like toothpaste) you pull the trigger. They work great. There are companies out there who specialize in packaging anything you want in these caulk tube things.

So this is quite easily bakeable. Either convince a peanut butter manufacturer to make this, or convince a tube packer to do it, or get your venture capital together and contract the work to the tube packer.

I think the caulk gun delivery method is great. Wish lots of consumer-level foods were available that way.

Chalk this up as additional proof that the range of stuff available on the commercial market is much broader (and often just plain better) than what's available on the consumer market. Alternately, look deeper into the economics and develop a business plan around some method of delivering commercial-quality products and methods to the consumer market.
quarterbaker, Apr 24 2002

       I would buy it, my children love peanut butter, and so does my hubby. He is forever leaving the remnants of whatever was on the knife/spoon in the jar as he scoops the next portion. (mainly garlic flavour) which no one appreciates. So yes, you get my vote. When is it on sale?
arora, Apr 24 2002

       Yeah, but the caulk gun gets stuck to the roof of your mouth....
phoenix, Apr 24 2002

       bliss -- here I thought you'd take the cheap shot and comment about the visual of me performing the role of tube packer. Thanks for not stepping down to that level.
quarterbaker, Apr 24 2002

       raven, you forgot caviar.   

       Congrats to froeset, I'm not certain how many people have +7 votes on their first posting this quickly.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2002

       Not to rain on [froeset]'s ...ahem..parade, but as well received as this idea appears to be, you do notice that the more reliable chefs in the crowd are remaining strangely silent? (I do admit to having been momentarily strangely intrigued...actually, perhaps a bit quizically repulsed...by ravenwood's blackened swordfish paste loaded into a caulk gun. The question is not so much "if" you could do it, but "why?????") So long as you limit it to "Skippy", though, I can't imagine a serious argument. Outside of a Thai restaurant it's hard to find a chef who respects the lowly peanut, anyway.
jurist, Apr 25 2002

       Peanut Butter used to come in a tube from an outfit called PB Max. It was a great product! I bought it regularly until they stopped makin' it. — You'd think the folks that make "hiking" food would make the stuff though...
DiderotDC, Dec 29 2002

       Yummy. I'm off to the kitchen. +
FloridaManatee, Dec 30 2002

       i just saw a commercial for peanut butter in a tube made bt skppy. a year after this idea was put on halfbakery
ryansmodernlife, Jun 10 2003

       Peanut butter AND jelly in a tube. Comes out in stripes like AquaFresh toothpaste.
Goesta Berling, Jan 05 2005

       In Sweden all manner of food stuffs come in a tube - Caviar, Cheese, Pate, Mayo, come to mind.
Goesta Berling, Jan 05 2005

       ...and don't forget remoulade.
bristolz, Jan 05 2005

energy guy, Jan 05 2005

       Yeah, I love peanut butter. It's so good. It's no wonder why bears are alway's tring to get into those bee-hives.
Pac-man, Feb 06 2006

Pac-man, Feb 06 2006

       Remember your first peanut butter and honey sandwich? It was if a wonderful secret was being shared with you.
normzone, Feb 06 2006

       I once posted the same thing, with butter. It was mauled helplessly, due to my being an extreme newbie at the time.   

       I may repost it a while after this has died down; I think it's time.
DesertFox, Feb 06 2006

redsimple, Feb 06 2006

       I once videotaped a series of focus groups testing a 'jelly in a squeeze bottle' product. The experience exposed the fatal flaw of the idea: making the jam (or peanut butter) easier to dispense would also make it easier for young children to make a mess. After squirting the food on the bread, the next surface might be the table, walls, curtains, furniture, the cat. etc.
Cube, Feb 07 2006

FlyingToaster, Oct 14 2009


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