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Helical Packet Tearing

For packets of Fruit Pastilles and suchlike.
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When I have my fruit pastilles, I generally tear down to where I am taking the current pastille. Unfortunately, this results in lots of torn paper and foil, and also usually means the packet quickly falls apart.

Enter the Helical Packet Tearing packet. This has slight perforations in a helical manner going down the entire length, with the distance from one line to the next about the width of one fruit pastille. Every so often there is also a horizontal (the packet is vertical) perforation, enabling you to tear the helical bit of paper off.

As you go down, you will be able to easily access your sweets, whilst not producing too much rubbish, and whilst not causing the packet to fall apart. If you ignored the horizontal perforations you would end up with a fun helical ribbon.


EDIT: Of course, I was just testing you when I said 'spiral' instead of 'helical', and hippo got it, so I corrected all occurences.

dbmag9, Jan 27 2006


       <pedant>Do you mean *helical* packet tearing?</pedant> - good idea, otherwise.
hippo, Jan 27 2006

       Of course, hippo. I was just testing you.
dbmag9, Jan 27 2006

       I say why not...we could be on the cusp of a candy revolution
redsimple, Jan 27 2006

       you don't expect me to bun this, do you?
po, Jan 27 2006

       Ian Tindale - but surely they can coexist in peace and harmony?   

       po - yes, actually, please?   

       boysparks - it depends on whether there is more than one - I want at least one.
dbmag9, Jan 27 2006

       Like sharpening a wax pencil. I like this.   

       Sorry - how is this like sharpening a wax pencil?
dbmag9, Feb 11 2006

       Like peeling the paper off before you sharpen the pencil.   

       I enjoy that part, kind of like popping bubble wrap.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 11 2006

       Oh, I see. All my wax crayons break and vanish back into hyperspace long before they need sharpening.
dbmag9, Feb 11 2006

       The world is currently obsessed with packaging design, and no one's done this yet? Keep 'em coming [dbmag9].
wagster, Feb 11 2006

       Not that I know of.
dbmag9, Feb 13 2006


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