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Choose your own Lullaby

Book giving rhymes to First and Middle Names.
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I find that people really like to hear their own name. In my limited experience children can be calmed enough to be directed towards the land of slumber by creating songs which mention their names.
Most nights I am too exhausted to create any worthwhile Lullabies using their names though. Choose your own Lullaby Books would offer you the creative aid in such an endeavor. For those who really don't get old fashion poetry, a section could be included demonstrating how to work with meter and the inflections of words (as I still am no Shakespear).
David and Michael riding on a motorcycle
David De Leone says we won't be gone long
Michael De Bruin says don't worry we'll be back soon
Michael and David better behave'd
David and Michael riding on a motorcycle.
(I think I am big enough to handle most criticisms on such an idea).
Zimmy, Jul 19 2003

In my limited experience http://www.amazon.c...94800915/halfbakery
...I've yet to meet the child who can stay awake to the end of this one. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       A small pocket PC (or PDA) would be ideal for this.
DeathNinja, Jul 19 2003

       Making rhymes in english is soooo complicated. I like this idea. I love lullabies.
Pericles, Jul 19 2003


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