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Guantanamo Bay Nursery Play Pen

nursery play pen modelled on Guantanamo Bay detention camp
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Dress your otherwise wayward toddlers in nice bright orange romper suits. To assist with identification the suits have large printed numbers on the front and back.

Now let them loose inside the confines of the Guantanamo Bay Nursery Play Pen. It has scaled down watchtowers at each corner and harmless fake barbed wire on the outside of the perimeter. Once inside, the little ones can creep about in total safety, amusing themselves with the various padded play things left scattered around.

xenzag, Nov 23 2008

Orange Jumpsuit http://www.brandson....com/ca-010149.html
Tasteful gifts...guaranteed [zen_tom, Nov 24 2008]

Another hilarious child/prisoner themed idea http://en.wikipedia...the_Striped_Pyjamas
Yes, reenact the holocaust in the comfort of your own nursery! Comes complete with corner watchtowers and harmless fake Nazis - ho ho ho. [edit] Contains spoilers [zen_tom, Nov 24 2008]

Halloween Suicide Bomber Costume http://planetcnc.ga...Comedy.Detail&id=39
Ha ha - suicide bombings - classic [zen_tom, Nov 24 2008]

Ho ho - Missing Children http://www.costumes...068/Milk_Carton_Hat
[zen_tom, Nov 24 2008]

Convict Costume http://partystuffon....asp?ProductID=3293
[zen_tom, Nov 24 2008]

Life Is Beautiful http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118799/
Similar to the "Pyjamas" story, but from a different perspective. No immediate spoilers, in case you haven't seen it. Which you should. [Amos Kito, Nov 24 2008]

America's concentration camps for children https://www.npr.org...ers?t=1559734208926
[xenzag, Jun 05 2019]


       I think you need more stuff inside. Like a waterboard slide, the room of infinite wakefulness, and the incriminate your parents and you can go home haha not room.
ldischler, Nov 23 2008

       We always did refer to our playpen as "The Prison"!   

       //incriminate your parents and you can go home haha not room// - that's sick, but kinda funny
wagster, Nov 23 2008

       Yellow card! Joke not adequately funny for seriousness of subject, penalty kick.
WcW, Nov 23 2008

       Red card. Annotation not adequately spelled. [+]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 23 2008

       penaly should be a word.   

       //seriosness// your bad
po, Nov 23 2008

       We like this idea. [+]
8th of 7, Nov 24 2008

       While I can see the joke, it is in poor taste.
zen_tom, Nov 24 2008

       Just jump your BigWheel over the barbed wire fence and your home free.   

       Or a nazi play pen, shit your diapers and get send to the gas chamber. That's not funny either is it?-
zeno, Nov 24 2008

       Must we mourn all of history? Should I light a candle for Mao's millions? For Hiroshima? For the dead of the six day war? For the murdered slaves in America? In Africa? Should I mourn the black death? Lepanto? Hannable? The lost culture of Illyria? How long ago is enough?

History has tragedy enough. Why live in yesterday when you can make today better instead?
Voice, Nov 25 2008

       ...because this is a current event?   

       How about a Rwanda play set? It will come with one real machete. Spin the machete on the ground, then who ever it points at gets to be Hutu first.
Laughs Last, Nov 25 2008

       It just occured to me that Mr Elongated Tie Manbaby (aka The Stable Genius) stole my half baked idea, and went ahead with the creation of concentration camps for children in America, that now hold 15,000 individuals.
xenzag, Jun 05 2019


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