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insta - stop

instantly stops kids from...
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This product is applied like hand cuffs, but is made of a conductive material that fits around their knees. When the child decides to run away from you, like in a store or towards a speeding car, you activate the insta-stop. Their legs suddenly become magnets for each other, causing them to be temporarily disabled. Advertised for use with children, but also is great for that lazy old drunk jerk that has just enough spunk left in him to try and chase you, or on your insane horny mother in law when the wife is away.
hotrodmama, Nov 29 2000


       wouldnt they just go ker-plunk onto the floor face first?
flickiter, Jul 11 2003

       Following the knowledge that even a dog can be taught such a word as "stop", I conditioned my son to stop immediately and without thinking, on command. He learned it from the age of one and it has saved him from serious danger more than once. It wasn't really difficult, and its an enormous load off my mind. (and no, I didnt need any form of abuse to do so)   

       I don't know why every parent hasn't done that.
Voice, Aug 26 2006


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