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Civil Editors

find mistakes and physically fix them
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There is an intersection, not far from my house, that has a stop sign going the wrong way. it's in a T shape, and the road that ends does not have a stop sign, while the road it T's onto does. Many times I've been tempted to constructively vandalize this stop sign, and move it to the proper place to make the intersection safe. however, I'm worried about the consequences and generally don't want to bother with it.

enter the Corps of Civil Editors. these people are hired (or volunteer) to tour the country and find bits in various government agencies/infrastructure that are not in accordance with the rules, or are unsafe (by design, rather than lack of maintenance.) The Editors have the expertise to identify these mistakes, and the authority to fix them. I'm sure they could increase the efficiency of several government agencies/programs, and would hopefully get around to fixing my stop sign.

fischerman, May 24 2011

BBC News: Civil Editors Needed - In Welsh http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/7702913.stm
[zen_tom, May 24 2011]

Civil Editor branded as a graffiti artist http://www.telegrap...ayward-grammar.html
[TomP, May 24 2011]

Sounds exactly like Richard Ankrom http://www.good.is/...eal-public-service/
I drove by this sign many times in the eight years it was up. [ytk, May 24 2011]


       our local paper has a feature in which people submit things like your sign and the reporters in charge of the feature try to make some entity take responsibility and fix it.
bungston, May 24 2011

       [+] A little like the Imperial Chinese office of censor.
mouseposture, May 24 2011

       Maybe it could be a program where licensed engineers would have the option of getting paid extra for identifying things like that on their days off and sending instructions to a dedicated crew, who would then do the actual fixing (and bill the contractor that screwed it up in the first place).
DIYMatt, May 24 2011

       //it's in a T shape// Capitalization
//road it T's onto// Misuse of apostrophe
//however, I'm worried// Capitalization
//enter the Corps// Capitalization
//these people are// Capitalization
//unsafe (by design, rather than lack of maintenance.)// Period should come after close parenthesis

       [+] Where do I apply for the job?
ytk, May 24 2011

       [ytk] I think you should become a politician and create the job, that you might apply for it.
fischerman, May 24 2011

       [+] There would be so many things to fix here where I live...
xandram, May 24 2011

       My town features two T-intersections exactly like this--one of them is at the end of a bridge with high rails, hampering visibility. Worse, we are in a high-tourism area, so all the locals who normally breeze around the corner are stuck chewing on thier steering wheels (or handlebars) while the outtatowners sit there with thier blinker on trying to figure out how it works. It's bad enough in a car, but they make me _really_ nervous when I'm on my motorcycle.   

       And this is in a town that only has four major intersections. WHY?!!
Alterother, May 24 2011

       and half the intersections are like this? and here I was thinking it was an isolated incident...
fischerman, May 24 2011

       Half of the major ones, yes. There are a dozen or so little three- and four-way stops in the residential areas, but this is a little 700-odd population town in the mountains, making it all the more ridiculous that half of our high- traffic intersections are these strange one-stop right-angle things. It has something to do with the path of the major through-ways, but that doesn't make it any better (or safer).
Alterother, May 24 2011

       Our street sign is covered by leaves now that spring has come. If they would come and clip away the clutter, I'd be damn grateful! Bring em on...+
blissmiss, May 24 2011


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