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Demolition Commission

Come, friendly bombs
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[from the DC's charter:] "...to identify, purchase, and cause to be demolished all structures that have a markedly negative effect, socially, economically, or aesthetically, on the local community..."
General Washington, Aug 29 2002

The Pineapple, Dunmore, Scotland http://www.heritage...ollies/ffyce01.html
[calum, Aug 29 2002]


       For a long time I had a real downer in the PIRA.   

       Then they mortared Heathrow.   

       Then they demolished the Arndale Centre in Manchester.   

       I loathe and detest terrorism in all its forms, but when they bombed the Arndale Centre ("The Largest Tiled Urinal in Europe") without (by tremendous luck) actually kiling anyone, I couldn't help feeling a certain softening of my attitutes.   

       I think even Prince Charles might be in favour of this idea.   

       Will the DC have it's own Air Force ? Are you enlisting Navigator/Bomb Aimers ?
8th of 7, Aug 29 2002

       Tastes change over time. What is now considered gross or vulgar or egregious may, in the future, be thought of as daring, innovative and delightful.   

       [Link to building that probably never should have been built, but I'm really glad it was]
calum, Aug 29 2002

       New York's zoning (who can build what where) and landmarking (who can knock what down) laws are arcane in the least, Houston's non-existant, but I always thought the only real criterion should be "Is the new building better [from the street] than the one it is replacing?"   

       I was not in the least sad when the black buildings around the base of the WTC also burnt down, and later demolished. (They were of course evacuated by then.)
DrCurry, Aug 29 2002

       [8th of 7:] Since the National Lottery puts the fun into funding, the pressure's there to make demolition has telegenic as possible. So I think we can look forward to arial cams and colonels with pointers, yes.   

       [calum:] Of course tastes change. But why should it be all flow and no ebb? And what more poignant than to wonder what books the Alexandrian Library had? Not the actual books themselves, I bet.
General Washington, Aug 29 2002

       A bit too limited in scope methinks. As the charter currently stands, we would be replacing horrible buildings with wasteland. I think something more constructive needs to be included in the brief.
DrBob, Aug 29 2002

       Yet another idea on which I'll have to wait for a Brit to tell me how to vote.
phoenix, Aug 30 2002

       Hey I'll tell you how to vote, vote that the pilot program for this start next door at my swinish neighbor lady's gilt palace, a monument to concrete, a paint job coordinated with the color of parakeet droppings, a muddy mess in my garden, and a personality to match. No need to warn her the Commission is coming; she needs to go down with the ship. It's the right thing.
panamax, Aug 30 2002

       [DrBob:] They normally turn the land over to treehuggers of some sort. Maybe plant kudzu.
General Washington, Aug 30 2002


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