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Clandestine Uranium enrichment scheme

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Whereby a national government, for example a fictional country called "Iran" starts up a lottery.

Citizens buy the tickets, and government agencies buy other tickets, writing the name "Mr U. Ranium" on them.

The government then skews the results so Mr U. Ranium consistently wins, by a small but definite margin, more prizes than anyone else.

In this way, the Uranium is enriched, in an almost totally covert way.

not_morrison_rm, Jun 15 2013


       I love the word "clandestine". It sounds like a peal of bells.
nineteenthly, Jun 15 2013

       Hmm, you like it, but not enough to [+].   

       Had to bun myself (which feels kind of pervy) just to get back to zero rating.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 15 2013

       I bun myself all the time.
Kansan101, Jun 15 2013

       I bunned it! No idea what happened there. Sorry, it was definitely an idea whereof i approved. I will now remedy the anomaly.
nineteenthly, Jun 15 2013

       [21], was it the reminder to enrich Uranium?
4and20, Jun 18 2013

       Meh. -
Kansan101, Jun 18 2013


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