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rental car lottery

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This is a scratching card you can win a rental car with, because renting a Ferrari for a day is a cheap price to give but a nice card to keep in your wallet or give away as a gift for those who have non. Big chance to win to.
postseti, Jul 08 2002

You must have at least 9 correct answers to be entered into the free car rental sweepstakes http://www.foxrentacar.com/quiz.html
The odds of winning are guaranteed to be 1 in 1000 or better. [postseti, Jul 08 2002]

You must have at least 9 correct answers to be entered into the free car rental sweepstakes http://www.foxrentacar.com/quiz.html
The odds of winning are guaranteed to be 1 in 1000 or better. [postseti, Oct 04 2004]


       Eu não compreendo
hippo, Jul 08 2002

       there a million lottery, travel and rent a car agency but they just add the rental-car to a holiday or give enormous money prices that make the rental-car a small price to win. I think it must be the prime directive.
postseti, Jul 08 2002

       Is there anyone else who cannot understand a single thing that [postseti] says? His profile page is a good place to start. I realise that English may well not be his mother tongue, but I have yet to detect traits common to any other language. I wonder if he could help me out here. It may be better for him to post in his own language; we might then be able to translate for ourselves.
I'm really not being nasty; I wish I *could* understand him, as I'm sure there's a gem or two in there somewhere.
angel, Jul 08 2002

       postseti's profile page leaves me speechless.
sappho, Jul 08 2002

       I see now, having looked at another idea, that [postseti] appears to be Dutch. (<aside>Is he the same person as [dubble_dutch]?</aside>) This surprises me, as I had believed that English was spoken virtually fluently by most Dutch. (Please note again that I'm not being critical.)
angel, Jul 08 2002

       the spelling is all healed too
po, Jul 08 2002

       Thanks sappho I needed that. (dubble_dutch abzorbed a lot of evil and gone now) It's American over budgeted movie's forcing the dutch to speak English or miss Buffy and the Simpsons.

My writing is just as bad in Dutch I'm afraid.
postseti, Jul 08 2002

       I understood what he was trying to say on his page. It just took a little work.   

       While I'd love to win this, I think we'd wind up with alot of wrecked Ferraris. Not even Lloyds would touch the insurance.
RayfordSteele, Jul 08 2002

       postseti, after reading your profile, I feel drunk.
dag, Jul 08 2002

       A lot of bars and festivals auction there insurance since your right about loyd, one can bid to be responsible for a year if your in extreme wealth.
postseti, Jul 08 2002

       ...and stoned...
dag, Jul 08 2002

       See the link and win that rental-car.
postseti, Jul 08 2002

       I've read this a number of times now, and I still don't understand.   

       Do you win a rental car - think of the state it will be in.   

       Do you win a free day's rental - this must be baked already.   

       Can you win things other than Ferraris?
PeterSilly, Jul 09 2002

       This idea is a chain of local event you can do by-self supported by the rental car lottery.

we all know the lottery scratch card's. You can win millions bud never do. The rental car lottery best price is the Ferrari (2000$/day) cheaper rental cars can be won to. Card can be 5$, average 1 day rental price 500$.

YOU GET THE FULL 1% chance of winning!!
postseti, Jul 09 2002

       I think I almost understand this now. It seems to be just a scratch-card, the prizes for which are the use of a car for a day. The jackpot would be a Ferrari, and the lower prizes are progressively cheaper cars with, presumably, the booby prize being a Nissan Sunny.
angel, Jul 09 2002

       smalest price can be a taxi ride of 10$ You can get to a winning chance of 25% if you get the nissan prize you can give it away.
postseti, Jul 09 2002

       How about a scratch card at the car-rental place? You pay a one-price rental fee, and you scratch the car you're going to drive. The odds won't be great, maybe 99% Chevy Cavalier, 1% Ferrari! Those needing a mini-van or truck could opt out.
Cedar Park, Jan 07 2003


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