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Vinmonopolet, VSOD, & Systembolaget with a twist...
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Currently, in the Scandinavian countries, the government has a monopoly on the sale of alcohol. This means that off-licenses are filled with glass cases and the bottles of liquor have numbers next to them. This clearly is good for some kind of lottery.

The alcohol in the shop is split into three tiers: cheap, mid-range, expensive. Then, you pay over your money for a chance of winning a product from your tier. You select a ticket from a bucket and that is what you win.

Possible names: Vinmonopolotto, Systombolaget

Knut, Feb 05 2004


       Compulsive gambling and alcoholism, together at last. Vice to the power of two, and it saves a trip.
DonBirnam, Feb 05 2004

       Don't live a little: live blotto.
friendlyfire, Feb 07 2004

       Would the lotto be seperate, or would the lotto be the only way to get a bottle? "A chance of winning" implies maybe you might get no hooch at all. I think I might stand outside and offer to buy hooch off a winner on his way out.
bungston, Feb 08 2004

       I thought VSOD was state-run?
Knut, Feb 12 2004


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