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'Opportunity of a Lifetime' Lottery (and TV show)

Become a rock star, movie star, racing driver, film actor, opera singer... or at least have a good try.
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The 'Opportunity of a Lifetime' lottery would offer life-changing prizes every week. Winning the lottery in a 'rock-star' week would pay you a good wage for a year while you get great voice-coaching and management to make the best use of the year as you possibly can.

The lottery organiser signs you into a few contracts, not least buying the TV rights of your year trying to become the thing that you want to be. A weekly programme would follow the fortunes of the lucky weekly winners as they take their year trying to change their lives. With 52 winners on the go at any one point, the lottery company can pick-and-choose those that are most interesting to feature on the weekly show.

Those that are particularly interesting or crowd-pleasing could have longer features made about them. Those that aren't attracting the viewers would simply be reported on the website so that you don't lose track of all the winners.

With (hopefully) the bulk of the money coming from the TV show, the lottery could have a 100% payout. Just choose wisely which weeks you enter (discount deals available to buy a weekly ticket and enter only those weeks that have a prize you want).

st3f, Oct 03 2005


       I'd like to be a ballet dancer.   

       don't laugh at the back there...
po, Oct 03 2005

       It'd just be my luck to win the April 1st draw to become a refuse collector.
coprocephalous, Oct 03 2005

       This year, I will mostly be being...
hidden truths, Oct 03 2005

       not laughing at your back...
jutta, Oct 03 2005

       oh very witty, jutta!
po, Oct 03 2005


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