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public service lottery

A lottery that you enter when you pay your income taxes
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When you file your income taxes, you can opt to put in an extra dollar or so, entering you into a drawing. The prize is the money that was fed into the system by the players. Whoever wins gets to allocate the money to any previously existing government project or organization.

Possibly some of the money should be set aside for administrative purposes and/or for hiring a lawyer to advise the winner. To prevent budget makers from negating the effects of this extra allocation, the drawing could take place after the budget was approved.

This lottery could be organized on a national or local level, with the money going to fund national or local government projects.

Tranai, Feb 06 2004


       You're actually not required to pay income tax. They'll try to intimidate you into paying, but you're not legally required to pay.
Eugene, Feb 07 2004

       also, many groups in society don't pay taxes (students, mothers at home, pensioners) - should they be exempt from playing and winning the lottery? Strikes me as these groups might be the most deserving as they are on the lowest of incomes.
jonthegeologist, Feb 07 2004

       Why is it so common to use deserve as a synonym for need ? It's not the same thing.....
normzone, Feb 07 2004

       I don't think the money actually counts as earnings, as it is spent within the government.
Tranai, Feb 07 2004


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