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Clear Body Panels

What's going on in there?
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We've all seen the newer cars (Saturn?) that have polymer body panels. The panels are finished in a flexible paint so the entire panel can flex without damage.

Many of you have also seen tuner cars with plexiglass hoods, presumably to show off the engine. Well, why stop there? How about clear, see-through doors and fenders? If you want, you can have one helluva eye-catching ride.

Most exterior panels also have an interior panel that's opaque, so you don't really have a "glass car." But you could see the window mechanisms, suspension components, and engine. A special set of liners would hide the contents of the trunk. A good alarm is required, since it would be super-easy to "slimjim" the doors.

A few popular cars would be targeted first, Saturns are an obvious chouce since they're already plastic. Civic, Accord, Focus, Galant are all good candidates. The new panels could be molded in clear colors, as individual panels or complete car kits.

The roof of the car would remain original, and the clear panels would be molded in see-through colors to match or contrast. A body shop could bolt on the panels in a couple of hours, and your old panels could be sold. And can you imagine the lighting possibilities? Neon tubes under the panels could look like a showcar circus!

Silence, Jun 09 2004

(?) Sorry http://www.funny-ci...ansparent_car.shtml
Had to. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 17 2004]


       Make them translucent and in various colors, and you could have an iMac-car.
krelnik, Jun 09 2004

       Cool not sure i would want one, after all driving anywhere all the crap that builds up in a car would be on display. Like my Laptop in it's case the bag of rubish behind the passenger seat.
engineer1, Jun 10 2004

       oh.. for cars... dull.
neilp, Jun 10 2004

       yeah I'm with neilp, clear human body panels. can we manufacture some clear skin please. great teaching aid, 'hey kids come and see how yellow my liver is.'
etherman, Jun 10 2004

       Clear human body panels? Useful for mothers to see when their child has been snacking between meals.
harderthanjesus, Jun 10 2004

       Ever been in a glass-bottom boat?   

       Also, this idea could combine the wonderful outdoorsy freedom felt when motorcycling with the wonderful, indoorsy feeling of not having bugs smack you in the face at 60 MPH. Particularly poignant in cicada season.
contracts, Jun 10 2004

       WOAH! [braubeaton] that's the honda Element!
contracts, Jun 10 2004

       The Unibox is cool, and is kinda what I meant.....my idea is more for the nonfunctional-wings and clear-taillights and $4000 wheel-package crowd: don't buy 3 new cars, just spend the same amount on your '97 Civic. The clear body panel concept is just to add on. And the mini-greenhouse effect: probably not as bad as solid black panels.
Silence, Jun 14 2004

       I used to break into cars for a living. The clear plastic door panels would make it much easier to utilize the "Slim Jim". But, wait...wouldn't it make it easier for car thieves too?   

       It wouldn't help my time breaking into a Dodge Aries. I don't think I could ever best my time of 0.87 seconds.
Klaatu, Jun 14 2004

       anyone know where I can get a clear hood?
maddalemax, Jul 28 2005

       i hear they melt. just take your hood off when you go cruising
auricom_mech, Aug 09 2006


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