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so you can see through it
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This was occasioned by the Anti-SUV Car Periscope idea. It won't be possible until the general availability of cheap, light OLED (Organic LED) screens, but anyway.

If you're driving an SUV (or a B.U.S.) why not install InvisiCar ? A small camera mounted on the dash looks forward at the road ahead; the image is displayed on an OLED panel that covers the back of the car (just the metal bits, obviously, not the glass, otherwise you couldn't see out the back of the car).

Now people behind you can see what's coming up ahead. Would be great fun if you were at the back of a train of cars that all had InvisiCar installed...

bumhat, Jan 02 2008


       Bone withheld pending explanation of automatic parallax correction mechanism employed.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jan 02 2008


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