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One Piece (Giant) Lexan Car Body

The body of the car is made in one large single piece 1-3 mm Lexan formed sheet.
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To both simplify production, and lighten ready-to- operate/drive vehicle weight, the body should be formed in a single piece, skratch-proof, 1-2-3 millimeter formed Lexan-plate piece.

The production equipment is massively simplyfied, : Just one wood or aluminium vacuum-forming form shape to be CAD-CAM designed from the styling design model marchette.

No mechanical detail components for doors, or window assemblies, just one entire shell, lifted up for entering the seats, and putting in luggage. (Lifting actuation installed by simple 'scissors' mechanisms, actuated by air cylinders, or electrical linear actuators).

Lightweight : Material density 1.5 - 2.5 grammes/cm3.

Full visibility : Transparant body, no blind angles.

Paint applied for costumization, from the inside, leaving the outside surface as-is, scratch resistant, and electrostatically dust-dirt repellant.

sirau, Jun 04 2011

processes and tools http://www.sabic-ip...toolsHomePage.faces
sabic. [sirau, Jun 05 2011]

Sheet Forming site. http://www.goldenpl...-sheet-forming.html
with opposing twin-mirrored sheets, inside-pressurerized air, as well as outside vakuum could be applied. Possibly to increase productivity, by decreasing cycle's time, and a slightly lower power consumbtion (vacuum can be very expensive to work with). [sirau, Jun 05 2011]

Melting of door fabrics http://www.vansairf...ht=canopy+smoke+sun
"The canopy was acting as a magnifying glass and burning a hole in the canopy seal!" [Klaatu, Jun 06 2011]


       No blind angles, except for everywhere the light is distorted by the bent plastic. [-]
Alx_xlA, Jun 04 2011

       + for //costumization//
csea, Jun 04 2011

       yes, sorry about the spell, : Cars are, by some, considered as 'clothes' as to what they are seen to have worn in Society.   

       Masking tape, figure patches and pin-striping techniques will allow the refinement of expressions.   

       Soluable paint will allow redecorating at intervals.   

       The opticals of 'bent' plastic could possibly be designed to be non-interfeering with normal perception of views.   

       Great link, just the ticket.
sirau, Jun 05 2011

       ...and when the local pump jockey (if you happen to live in one of two states where it is illegal to pump your own petrol) splashes some gasoline onto the Lexan® and it becomes cloudy or crazed, how much will it cost to replace? Ask a pilot about Lexan® and gasoline.   

       Ask anyone who lives in a hot climate what happens to Lexan in a hot Texas sun. [-]
Klaatu, Jun 05 2011

       [Klaatu] :   

       Industrially applied matarials improve in performance, and price structure, with wider scale usage and sales voloume's.   

       The 'Lexan' indication is just a current world reference, for the 'feel' and properties of such a proposed auto solution.   

       I am sure an Industry giant, if it applied it's research ressource, could find a chemically, and solar, resistant, long-life spec.   

       And, bodies beeing cheep, just a 1-2 year life-span could be enough, changing the body of you 'new' car, keeping low-maintenaice EV mechanicals, according to current and anticipated styling, decor and fashion trends.
sirau, Jun 05 2011

       Industry giant here.   

       1. I'm certain 1 mm would be far too thin to support itself without major warpage. 3 mm would be as heavy or heavier than steel bodies due to the need for structural support, both to support the useless lexan body and to supplant the now absent unibody strength.   

       2. you'd roast underneath it. This is one reason those 60's pod-type prototype cars with the 1- piece bubble canopies were never built.   

       3. There would still need to be a substantial frame and chassis, with many mounting hardpoints, which would essentially ruin the 'look' of your clear lexan body. Even then, this car would be a flex- flyer.   

       4. Carbon fiber is superior to lexan in almost every way save perhaps cost, and is already used.
RayfordSteele, Jun 05 2011

       //you'd roast underneath it.//   

       Maybe, even literally... <linky>
Klaatu, Jun 06 2011

       I like the concept. Instead of plastic make it from glass. Glass cookware is incredibly durable and resistant to elements, if not elephants. Re roasting: treat entire thing as one-way mirror, as some windows currently have. Shatterproofing is already mature technology for windshields. One could own several shells stacked in the garage, swapping out as whim dictates.
bungston, Jun 06 2011


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