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Clear toed shoes

Shoes with a transparent section over the toes
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For showing off those lovely painted nails even in winter!
21 Quest, Apr 08 2022

https://www.asos.co...clear/prd/201302906 [pocmloc, Apr 08 2022]

There are of course transparent shoes.... https://fuckingyoun...ransparent-sneaker/
..... but not only the toe panel, the entire upper is transparent. [xenzag, Apr 08 2022]


       Only if it features a mini windscreen wiper. [+]
xenzag, Apr 08 2022

       Now if you could only get your socks pedicured...
4and20, Apr 08 2022

       I support transparent clothing of every kind, and pretend it will only be worn by Beautiful People(tm).
Voice, Apr 08 2022

       //I support transparent clothing// Well clothing that is not supported tends to slide down around your ankles which is usually kind of embarearseing
pocmloc, Apr 08 2022

       + The little window makes it so much more interesting than just an entire transparent shoe.
xandram, Apr 09 2022

       Excellent idea, and thank you for thinking of your wife on our time. hahahaha...kidding. But yes, I love it.
blissmiss, Apr 09 2022

       I want an add on to this idea. We need to have socks with the little transparent window so we don’t have to go without socks in the winter!Hopefully they will position themselves properly and have the window in the shoe and the window and the sock both line up in the right place to display an amazing pedicure.
xandram, Apr 09 2022

       Love it!
21 Quest, Apr 09 2022


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