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Pre-programmable Shower Unit
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a large household - one shower - many heat and pressure (if you're lucky) preferences... causing scalding - and freezing - of user, also possibly making one go thru the 'safe cracking' scenario (you know, putting your ear up to the dial trying to find the optimum temperature (one nano-millimetre between 'here' and 'here')).

with Clever-Shower you find your ideal temperature and pressure - then program it in as a preset and everyone in the house can have one. Simply turn up for your next showery experience - identify yourself and hey presto - Shower Heaven !

dazwah, Feb 20 2002

Thermostatic Shower Valves http://www.google.c...0&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
Extremely baked, and they do work (though there are often small pressure changes, the temperature does not change.) [waugsqueke, Feb 20 2002]


       Many showers claim to have thermostats to keep a constant temperature. Whether they do or not is uncertain.
pottedstu, Feb 20 2002

       Halfbaked on the radio?
"On these cold October mornings, as the trees are going bare, and the smell of frost and fruit and woodsmoke lingers in the air...
it was an old old shower that my father had hooked up; a nozzle on a long lead pipe that rose above the tub like a post at executions where you're tied up with a knot, naked, with your eyes shut, waiting for the fatal shot...
I'm outta that old shower now, since then I've gotten wet in a lot of shower systems where the temperature is set by small onboard computers that keep you warm non-stop and regulate the volume and the shape of every drop in exact configuration from a trickle to barrage, steady flow or impulsations for a thundering massage; with bath oils, beads and vitamins mixed in, emulsified, from shower heads above you and below and to the sides, six to make the shower, one to make a gentle mist and a tape deck in the ceiling playing Chopin and Franz Liszt; and a light to make a rainbow where the shower is a prism, and all of it designed to soak out Calvinism, the sunlamps in the ceiling and the coil in the floor maintain precision comfort and you know there's always more hot water where this came from, some endless reservoir, like the universe has guaranteed to you its brightest star..."

We used to play Prairie Home Companion (Garrison Keillor) tapes on long car journeys. I memorised that monologue, summer 94 I think.
sappho, Feb 20 2002

       shower.... 2 electonic DIGITAL temperature sensors. 2 heating independant elements - preheat and temperature set. LED display showing desired temperature. Couple of buttons... temperature up, temperature down. Green LED to indicate correct temperature reached.   

       Stand next to shower. Set temperature. Push on. Wait 5 seconds - green light comes on. Get in.
CasaLoco, Feb 21 2002

       ...with thumbprint identification?   

       PS: //designed to soak out Calvinism// ...top monologue, [sappho]. Like it lots.
moomintroll, Feb 02 2005

       Preheated at least, in science fiction.....Heinlein comes to mind. Also in .....The Man from U.N.C.L.E. paperback series.....   

       Ahh, for the days when pulp was good enough......
normzone, Feb 03 2005

       I'm leaving this for the per-user setting feature. bristolz?
jutta, Feb 15 2005

       FWIW, I think that the individual settings feature makes this significantly different from the basic thermostatic valve.
angel, Feb 15 2005

       I've removed the mfd.
bristolz, Mar 31 2005


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