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Work-Friendly Shower

Never be late for work because of the shower again.
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Ever been late for work because you lost track of time in the shower? Why not have a timer that lets you set the shower for, say, 15 minutes, so it shuts off automatically when you need it to? Snooze function comes standard in case you're still soapy when the timer reaches zero.
21 Quest, Oct 16 2006

Shower o' Doom http://www.halfbake...hower_20o_27_20Doom
Or like this... [DocBrown, Oct 16 2006]

campground shower timer http://www.kingssupply.com/item135.htm
[xandram, Oct 16 2006]


       These are baked at campgrounds where you put quarters in for a shower. Quarters run out, shower goes off. [see link]
xandram, Oct 16 2006

       Shower alarms are baked in many hotel rooms [21]. Some flash a light, others beep. My problem with them is that they're easy to ignore. Your variation is a good one methinks. My thoughts on the matter shamelessly plugged in the links [+].
DocBrown, Oct 16 2006

       This is certainly baked within my dwelling.The thermostat is buggered and you get about two minutes of hot water then a sharp blast of cold.
skinflaps, Oct 16 2006

       And here I was hoping this would be some idea to make baby showers and such more appropriate for work... or some way to let me shower with that hot intern on company time...
ye_river_xiv, Oct 16 2006


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