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The ThermShunt

Directs cold shower water to alternate place
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My least favorite part of taking a shower is the three-seconds-to-two-minutes of freezing water that rains down on you before the darn thing heats up! Perhaps the ThermShunt is in order...

Available in both the regular and deluxe editions, a funnel device would temporarily direct cold water away from the showerer innocuously down the drain. until the water reached a preset temperature. At this point the Regular Edition would beep annoyingly and allow the user to remove the device from the showerhead and enjoy the nice warm water, and the Deluxe Edition would slowly remove itself, letting the warm H2O dribble nicely onto the heads of the rich. The deluxe edition would also contain multiple preset temperatures, to accomodate one's entire family's choice in shower temps, or simply one's moods...For the extraordinarily wealthy, the TempShunt could be built into the showerhead, and the tubes discreetly hidden behind the fixtures, or in handrails.

In times of drought, (or just in desert regions) the hose could direct the water into a container where it would be stored for alternate use, such as washing the dog, drinking water (after filtration) or doing laundry. Or perhaps, with a long enough hose, onto the sleeping head of someone who really needs to get up....

yar42, Aug 04 2002


       Whats wrong with turning on the shower for 3 seconds before stepping under the water?
Jinbish, Aug 04 2002

       I dunno. I really like the first 3 sentences of this idea, especially for community-style showers where a non-exhibitionist like myself might not always have the luxury of standing around buck naked without anyone seeing me.   

       As far as recycling water, the technology exists but is rarely applied.
polartomato, Aug 04 2002

       Given that constant temperature technology for showers is widely available (if not necessarily widely installed), I would say this is waste of typing.
DrCurry, Aug 05 2002

       A friend just moved in to a new house which he had equipped with recirculating devices to pump the (now cooled) water in the hot water line back to the water heater and allow hot water to come to the bathroom fixtures. Not sure of the implementation details but seems like this could solve your problem.
half, Aug 05 2002

       I was expecting something to prevent scalding injuries due to toilet flushing..
Mr Burns, Aug 06 2002


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