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Shower Adjustment Indicator Lights

Have a small LED panel in the shower to show when your upstairs or downstairs neighbor is adjusting their water temp.
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How nice it would be to have a few seconds' warning when neighbors on the same water heater adjust their taps. You'd know when to step momentarily out of the shower stream to avoid being alternately boiled or flash-frozen. Naturally, this would be more helpful for folks in apartments or other group living situations.

okokok, I get your point. The anti-scald device would help, no doubt. I guess I'm just after some solution to the power struggle every morning when the clogdancers upstairs from me, the vonClompens, start up their shower. They blast the hot, my shower gets cold. I niggle it back a little warmer for me, they eense it warmer for them, which leaves me again in the cold. It's a big PITA.

adequate, Feb 21 2001


       Buy a house that is served by a well on the property. Get a high capacity hot water heater that services the bathroom only. Have a different heater for the dishwasher and laundry room. Problem solved.
Susen, Feb 22 2001

       Have a crew of slaves gently warm vats of Alpine spring water over cherry-wood charcoal. Have them monitor the temperature constantly with the finest platinum thermometers and maintain it at the ideal level. When the whim takes you, lounge about in your marble caldarium listening to one of your string quartets as your stable of inhumanly beautiful concubines gently spoon the steaming water over you. Problem solved.
Monkfish, Feb 22 2001

       Get several large LED panels and put them in the shower. Wire to blink randomly. Problem not solved, but it would be pretty.
badoingdoing, Feb 23 2001

       hee...hee.... see how easy it is to solve these minor complaints? I just couldn't believe that this was the least complaint about living in an apartment. I can't fathom having neighbors (strangers) just on the other side of a wall of my home. I would think that living in apartments, the noises from neighbors, having strangers walking past your front door at all times, etc. would all cause more concern than loss of pressure or hot water. My hat's off to those of you who can suffer through living situations where you must share (!!!) hot water with others. Having never had that experience, it must be strange and annoying. However, upon reconsideration, I realize that if you all wanted homes on your own property, then there would be even less farmland and farms. That would be a tragedy. Therefore, I humbly apologize for making light of what must be an annoyance to a great majority of people.
Susen, Feb 23 2001

       What are the LEDs going to do for you when the scalding water hits as you rinse your face?
TickleMeElmo, May 18 2001

       Sneak into your neighbours' flat and install a hidden camera in their shower. Install a monitor in your own shower. Problem solved.
spidermother, Nov 10 2011


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